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Partnership Information

About Our Partnership

The Center Line Partnership is a resource for those who feel our offerings enhance their children's educational journey. The CLP is a collaboration between parents and Center Line Public Schools. The Partnership offers virtual elective classes for students grades K-12. Parents direct their children's learning by choosing opportunities they feel best suit their individual families and children. The Partnership is a free program paid for by your tax dollars.

Students in grades K-12 sign up as part-time students with Center Line Public Schools. They retain their status as homeschool students as long as parents provide 51% of these students' total education, including all core subjects: language arts (reading, spelling, English grammar, writing literature), arithmetic, science, history, and federal and state government. The school district receives tax dollars and in turn provides non-core (elective) educational opportunities families might not otherwise be able to enjoy.


Requirements for Continued Participation

All Students
  • All students must complete virtual course assignments and Mentor Contacts.
  • Students must not be enrolled in any other school district or private school including online K-12 programs.
Mentor Contact
  • Each student's Mentor will initiate a weekly contact every Wednesday, and students must respond to their Mentor by the following Monday.